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Cast Your Vote FOR Competition

There's nothing like tough competition to encourage suppliers to treat customers fairly. A few years ago brewers were shelling out over $26 for a pound of Cascade pellets. Today, brewers can find the same pellets on the "spot" market selling for a fraction of that unsustainably inflated price.

Many of you have already been offered a "deal" in which your supplier will agree to slash their bloated prices on the condition you agree to again lock in for another three years.  But this time, you don't have a gun to your head. There is competition. The playing field has been leveled.

We at Indie Hops want the opportunity to bring a new attitude into the craft brewing hops market.  One that is focused on long-term stability and improved choices in hops for craft brewers.  Before locking yourself further into old ways, talk with us about taking steps toward a new and more diverse hop supply, and cast your vote for healthy competition.

Step 1- Click here to view our 2010 Order Form.  We have a solid line-up of varieties from the 2009 harvest to get business started with you, and we want you to experience the pellet quality from our new "patient pelleting" mill in Hubbard, Oregon, which will be complete in March.  Let's talk about getting started.

Step 2- Talk with us about your future needs.  We know many of you are gun-shy about the "c" word, but future planning with contracts is the best way to secure hops at the lowest price.  We believe we can structure a contract with you that is also flexible.

At this time, Indie Hops intends to contract with our Oregon farmers to plant the following varieties this spring:  Chinook, Horizon, Liberty, Mt. Hood, Crystal, Ultra, Cascade, Centennial, Santiam, Sterling, Willamette, Mt. Rainier, Columbia, Goldings and Perle.  Now is the time to contact us if you have specific needs.

Step 3- To those who filled out our survey, thank you.  We have pledged over $1 million to Oregon State University hops research and breeding scientists, and your input will help direct this effort toward new hops knowledge and varieties for all craft brewers.  We hope more of you will provide input, and that many of you will get involved on a continuing basis.

The Future is Now.

Jim Solberg, CEO   Roger Worthington, Owner
jim@indiehops.com roger@indiehops.com

Indie Hops, LLC
503.452.HOPS (main)
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January 14, 2010

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