HopDate November 18, 2009: 

Building Better Aroma Hops Survey

One of our highest priorities at Indie Hops is to be an effective communications link between craft brewers, hop growers, and hop scientists. 100% of our actions are driven by what you, the craft brewer, wants.  We are now entering into long term contracts with our Oregon farmers, who will plant in the spring. All of our hops will be "Salmon-Safe"  certified. We will also plant record number of acres in USDA certified organically grown varieties.

This is your chance to tell us what aroma varieties you want. Please participate in our survey. Are there hops you crave but can't get, or are too expensive? Are there varieties you've heard about but haven't been able to secure? Are you willing to experiment with unsung or "diamond in the rough" varieties? How about organically grown hops?

What's on your wish list? We have confidence in the skill, wisdom and perseverance of our Oregon heritage farmers. We can't wait to start up our pellet milling plant in Hubbard, Oregon, which is designed to lower the temperature and preserve more oils using a state of the art "patient pelleting" process.

Now we also know it's not wise to talk to strangers about sensitive issues. We're the new kids on the block and we can understand your hesitation. Rest assured, any data you provide will be held in the strictest confidence. Additionally, filling out our HopBuilder's Survey will not create any obligations. We will use the data internally, as well as with our friends who are spearheading the OSU Aroma Hops Breeding Program Sponsored by Indie Hops (but we won't disclose the source of the data to anyone).

Along the lines of research, we and our friends at Oregon State are also interested in learning from you your profile of a fantasy or "super" aroma hop. Please take a moment to fill out as much of our survey as you are comfortable with. This is your chance to assert an active role in getting what you want, as opposed to settling for whatever's available. Take the wheel!

In Hop Pursuit,

Roger Worthington, Roger@indiehops.com
Jim Solberg, Jim@indiehops.com

To fill out our confidential online survey, click here.

Your scratch ours, we'll scratch yours. Surveys, we know are a drag. Fill out ours and Indie Hops will give you $50.00 off off your first purchase from us of either a 12 lb. carton of pellets or a 16 lb. carton of whole hops. Such a deal!

Jim Solberg, Hop Captain (L), Dr. Al Haunold, Venerable Hopmeister (C ), Roger Worthington, Eager Hop Pilgrim (R).


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