Coleman Farms
Like the cowboys who converge on their home-town rodeo to ride top-ranked bronc's and bulls, Coleman Farms have steadily taken on new farmland and diversified crops in order to ride out the tumultuous farming industry. Based in St. Paul, Oregon, Coleman Farms manages a network of fields and facilities throughout Marion and Polk counties, including 700 acres of hop infrastructure.

The Coleman hop fields and processing facilities outside of Independence, Oregon will be home to acreage dedicated to Indie Hops. The Willamette River runs along the property's eastern edge, blessing the area with rich sandy soil that hops adore.

Recently, the Coleman family met to discuss changing times for hop growers in Oregon.  From Inbev’s purchase of Anheuser-Busch, to the challenges of competing with massive monoculture farms in Yakima, there must have been plenty to talk about. 

Whatever was discussed, one thing is clear- Coleman Farms thrives in changing times. They’ve been a leading hop farm for over a century, they’ll be a leading hop farm when the next century arrives.  We’re thrilled to team up with the Coleman’s and utilize Oregon’s unique hop farming advantages.

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