Gayle Goschie is the heart and soul of the family's hop growing operations that hold more than one hundred years of hop farming experience. She has continued to advance the accumulation of knowledge through hands-on research in areas such as low-trellis hop growing and organic hop farming. Gayle's commitment to sustainable farming has led Goschie Farms to become the first "Certified Salmon Safe" hop farm in the USA.

Four years ago she embarked upon a mission to grow hops organically when prevailing wisdom said it could not be done in Oregon. "The fact that people told me it couldn't be done was motivation enough", was Gayle's first response when we asked her why she pushed forward with organic hop farming completely at her own risk. Then she continued, "And no matter what the final result with organic techniques, taking on the challenge will make me a better hop grower".

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!

Soak in the sights, sound and aroma of one of Oregon's lushest hopyards. Twenty acres of ripe, plump and juicy Crystal hops. Goschie Farms, Silverton, Oregon.

Harvest Time! Weird Scenes Inside the Green Gold Mine.

Hoppy Readers: Please join me on a quick tour of Goschie Farms during the hop harvest in late August, 2010.

Whole lotta shaking going on! From the back of the truck workers fasten the hop heavy bines to a conveyor and then sent through a gauntlet of thrashers which strip the cones from the bines, sidearms and stems. The action, sights and sounds are both deafening and invigorating. More twists, turns, drops, jolts and jumps than the corkscrew coaster at Six Flags. > More