Willamette Hop Breed

Named for the valley in which it was born, Willamette holds a powerful place in USA aroma hop history.  Anheuser-Busch wanted an aroma hop with consistent high yields and mild continental aroma. An emphasis was placed on “mild” for balance in their light-bodied flagship beer Budweiser.  Fuggle parentage produced a solid result, mild and pleasant, so an English Ale hop finds its genetic material in the largest selling light American pilsner brand, and is still A-B’s favorite aroma variety.  Craft brewers know a good thing when they smell it too, embracing Willamette as a solid hop to keep in their quiver.

Very similar to US Fuggle- understated, but with a welcome, herbal-floral character, plus a hint of vanilla. An excellent “base” hop that works in many styles.
Alpha Acids 5 - 8%
Beta Acids 3 - 5%
Cohumulone 29 - 35%
Total Oil 0.8 - 1.2mls/100g
Myrcene 45 - 50%
Humulene 18 - 22%
Caryophyllene 6 - 7%
Farnesene 4 - 6%
Type 90 Pellets
5 kg/11 lbs; 10 kg/22 lbs.; and 20 kg/ 44 lbs.
All in nitrogen flushed vacuumed-sealed foils.
Whole Cone Hops
Full 200-lb. bales (synthetic woven covers).
50-lb. "¼ bales" in nitrogen flushed vacuumed-sealed foils.
12-lb. "Mini bales" in nitrogen flushed vacuumed-sealed foils.