Pioneering & independent, no wonder Oregon is synonymous with craft beer culture.


Hop heritage and experience run deep in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Since the 1850’s this region has been a key hop resource to the world’s breweries. Knowledge builds upon knowledge, and Oregon hop growers bring generations of hop knowledge to their farms each season. This heritage includes the primary hop breeding and pathology operations of the US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) based at Oregon State University. Many of the hop varieties that fueled early stages of the USA craft beer boom came from this program. In 2009, to amplify hop breeding efforts for future craft brewery use, Indie Hops joined forces with Oregon State University to launch the Indie Hops Flavor Project that is already bringing exciting new flavors to craft, building on Oregon’s hop heritage.

The same pioneering spirit that fueled Oregon hop growing and research is also at work in Oregon’s thriving craft beer culture. Communities throughout the state embrace the culture of craft beer, whether it be their neighborhood brewery or intriguing offerings from across state lines. Well over 60% of all draft beer consumed in Oregon is brewed by craft breweries.


Water, oh precious water. The Coast Range Mountains to our valley’s west, and the Cascade range to the east are rainforests. Water flows year ‘round from these mountains into the valley, supplying cities and irrigating crops. Despite all of the rain, we have a dry growing season that can go months without a sprinkle. This makes hop disease management possible with minimal chemical inputs, but requires irrigation during the dry stretch. A network of streams, rivers and aquifers is a blessing, breathing life into the fertile topsoils.

To help keep these watersheds healthy, we support the Salmon Safe program for commercial agriculture, with over 90% of our hop supply grown on farms that are certified “Salmon Safe”. Visit salmonsafe.org to learn more.

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