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    Spreading hoppy goodness

    Craft brewing has blossomed in many markets around our planet. It’s a beautiful thing—more communities with their own local breweries and fresh beer brewed by their neighbors!

    When we started launching new hop varieties of our own, we were excited to spread the hoppy goodness around the globe! So we began developing relationships with hop suppliers that place a high priority on ensuring that our hops reach brewers in optimum condition.

    These suppliers are experts in their local markets with a focus on bringing quality hops to their region and on providing visibility of where the hops come from. We work closely with each one to ensure a consistent supply of luscious Indie Hops pellets.

    In the USA, we even began establishing agreements with some of our competitors—they are friends too!—in order to better supply this diverse market.

    All of our distribution partners are a joy to work with, and we consider them an extension of our own efforts to deliver flavorful hops. We’re happy to have teamed up with them to bring more quality hop options to brewers around the world.


    Outside the USA:



    Av. del Libertador 2337
    Piso 18, Oficina 3
    1636 Olivos
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Email —



    8 Grange Road
    Moorabbin Airport, VIC, 3194
    Email —


    Hops Company

    Av. Nova York, 294 / Sala 01
    Porto Alegre – RS, Brazil
    Email —


    Hops Connect

    Vancouver Cold Storage Facility:
    1222 Franklin Street
    Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 1K1

    Ontario Cold Storage Facility:
    39978 Crediton Rd
    Centralia, ON Canada N0M 1K0
    Email —


    Loughran Brewing Stores

    Clermont Farms, Clermont Road,
    Haggardstown, Dundalk, Co. Louth,
    Ireland, A91 HPK7
    Email —


    Upperleft Co

    1F 2-19-9 Ebisu-nishi
    Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021 Japan
    Email —



    8 Grange Road
    Moorabbin Airport, VIC, 3194
    Email —


    Loughran Brewing Stores

    Clermont Farms, Clermont Road,
    Haggardstown, Dundalk, Co. Louth,
    Ireland, A91 HPK7
    Email —

    Inside the USA:


    We are a hop supplier directly supplying thousands of breweries large and small. We are also hop developers. The second hop we launched—Strata—quickly showed that it would create tremendous demand. Managing hop quality and supply is critical, especially in a market that is massive, diverse and teaming with brewery/supplier relationships.

    Because of this, we have decided to structure multiple supply options in the US market.

    1- Our first step was to enlist our neighbors, Crosby Hops, to sell Strata in the US. We supply bulk volumes of Strata hop bales to them, which they are authorized to process, package and distribute. Additionally, we have licensed Crosby to grow a portion of the Strata they sell on their own farm. This was a natural first step because we developed Strata in Oregon and knew it would thrive in these growing conditions. We’re also confident that Crosby does a quality job both as supplier and grower.

    2- Wanting to have a Washington grown source, we pursued a trial field in 2016 with Roy Farms—an excellent grower and leader in sustainable agriculture. It took three growing seasons for the plants to adapt to the different growing conditions of the Yakima Valley, but they did adapt and a nice version of Strata hops resulted. We have licensed Roy to grow, process and sell to US breweries. We’re excited to be partnered with Roy to expand the reach of Strata.

    3- Hollingberry & Son have provided a dependable hop supply option to many US craft breweries. We’ve supplied them with Oregon-grown hops in the past, and have expanded to include selling Oregon-grown Strata bales for them to process, package and service their customer base.

    4- Brewing beer is fun! The home brewer is in many ways the foundation of craft beer. And there are countless nano breweries and small brew pubs that have a niche following grounded in home brewing. To reach these customers, we sell Strata pellets and/or bales for these suppliers to process, package and distribute.

    • Hop Heaven
    • Hops Direct
    • Michigan Hop Alliance
    • More Flavor
    • Yakima Valley Hops (pelletized at Hollingberry & Sons facilities)

    Happy Brewing!