Coleman Agriculture and Goschie Farms are everything we hoped for in our hop farm partners.

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Coleman Agriculture

Like the cowboys who converge on their home-town St. Paul 4th of July rodeo, Coleman Ag tend to take a challenge head-on, steadily dealing with the ups and downs of a tumultuous farming industry. After the hop woes of 2008/2009, Coleman Ag decided it was an opportunity to improve facilities and processes in preparation for the inevitable hop turnaround. The transition has been a joy to watch, never mind that walking the fields during growing season takes a hell-uv-a lot longer!

The primary Coleman Ag hop operation is near Independence, Oregon along a large bend in the Willamette River. The loose, deep, sandy topsoil is some of the best hop ground in the valley. In addition to Independence, we work with the Colemans at their hop operations in St. Paul, Mission Bottom, and Mt. Angel.

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Goschie Farms

When Benedictine monks at Mt. Angel Abbey gaze southward, they see cottonwood trees bordering Abiqua Creek and the hop fields of Goschie Farms. Three hundred sixty acres of hops sweeten the 360 degree view that surrounds the farmhouse and processing facilities. Maybe this is why the Abbey decided to build a brewery!

The Goschies have been growing hops for well over 100 years. They were the first hop grower to embrace the Salmon Safe watershed preservation program, and have in many ways been a leader in sustainable agriculture. Attention to detail pays off here, with tantalizing hop aromas on a consistent basis.

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