Our story would be incomplete without featuring our mill. Engineering and building the first post-farm hop processing facility in Oregon is something we’re proud of.  We’re especially proud of the results. Our goal was a pellet milling and packaging facility that preserves farm fresh character in hops.  Heat, and exposure time during processing are the enemies. When the hops come out of the cooler and enter the milling process, off-gassing begins.  Sure, it smells great!…but rather than volatilize hop aroma compounds in our mill, we prefer to lock them in the sealed package with a chance of making their way into beer.  Heat accelerates volatilization, and can downright damage hop oils. By keeping hop throughput time short from bale breaker to sealed package, and temperatures low even at the critical pellet die extrusion point (105F average), our pellets come out loaded with hop character.

Indie Hops at the Mill


And that hoppy goodness stays in the package a long, long time.  We’re confident that residual oxygen in our sealed foil bags is second to none, and seal integrity is exceptional.  Stored at 28F these packages bring just-harvested freshness to brewers for years.

We are always happy to give tours of the mill, just shoot us an email to see it in action!

Indie Hops - Oregon Bred