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Changing the form, but not the character

Every aspect of our mill is engineered to lock just-harvested freshness into our pellets. We achieve this by keeping throughput time from bale breaker to sealed package short, while also maintaining a low pelletization temperature. These key factors provide a short, cool journey for the hop cones, resulting in less volitization of oils and pellets that are loaded with hoppy goodness. Another benefit of this patient, less aggressive pelleting is that our pellets contain more than 99% of the natural wonders in the hop cones, and they open up easily to release the wonders during the brewing process. Precious hop oils reside in all parts of the hop cone, and it is this full spectrum of hop character that humans have come to love in their favorite varieties. “T99” pellets for  hi-fidelity flavor and aroma.

Luscious pellets are soon obsolete if not preserved, so we take extra care with packaging as well. We use a slow, nitrogen-flush vacuum and seal process to achieve very low residual oxygen levels in our foil bags. And we leave a mild vacuum on the bags that allows us to perform a seal quality check prior to shipping. We’re confident that residual oxygen in our sealed foil bags is second to none, and seal integrity is exceptional. Stored at 28℉ these packages bring just-harvested freshness to brewers for years.

The mill is located near our growers, allowing for swift and easy delivery of hop bales during harvest. Upon receipt, bales are stored on pallets in coolers, and pelleting begins before harvest is complete.

Important members of the Flavor Project, our core mill team—Sergio, Filemon, Oswaldo and Jorge— have been steady employees since almost the beginning when we commissioned the mill in 2010. Hard working, fastidious, and always on the lookout for how to do things even better—brewers can rest assured that their hops are in the excellent care of our capable crew!

Every aspect of our mill is engineered to lock just-harvested freshness into our pellets.