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Life is short.
 Make it flavorful.


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Indie Hops has been a developer of new hop varieties since 2009. Developing hops is much more than hop breeding, contrary to common assumptions.

The breeding component of our hop development takes place at Oregon State University under the leadership of Dr. Shaun Townsend. This includes world class hop research and an eye on the future. Sensory evaluation and analysis for market potential take place internally at Indie Hops. As genotypes show potential and are advanced along, farm partners help with small nursery trials, and brewery customers help with small pilot batches to test taproom reactions.

You never know what you’re going to find within the thousands of new genotypes evaluated, but when we do find a hop that is unique, fantastic in beer, agronomically sound, and in our opinion very likely to help brewers keep customers excited… then we’re willing to take the risk of launching the new hop commercially. Strata, Meridian, Lórien, Luminosa and Audacia are all purposeful hops that we’re proud to have developed, and are proud to supply.

Life is short.
Make it flavorful.

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Audacia Summer Pale collaboration brew with Migration Brewing featuring Audacia hops
Audacia Album Cover


Launch Date: 2023

Audacia is the offspring of a Hersbrucker Pure female and “1218-2M” — a male that is related to our first hop release, Strata. The result is a “noble” hop with some attitude, so we took to calling this hop a sassy noble until we landed on the name Audacia — which is Latin for audacity and defined as “bold, marked by originality and verve.”

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Soundtrack vibes:new wave punk

Lorien Album cover


Launch Date:

Named after Tolkien’s mythical land of the elves, Lórien imparts clean hop flavor in low-gravity beer. Tangy fresh fruit and the feeling of a summer meadow near a cold mountain stream, Lórien is conducive to celebration and appetite. Low alpha and squeaky clean, leave the taps open and let ‘er flow!

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Soundtrack vibes:festive fiddle

Luminosa Album


Launch Date: 2022

The bright fresh fruits of Luminosa make us feel transported to the sunny white sands of a Caribbean beach, and inspired the name which is Latin for “full of brightness.”

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Soundtrack vibes:beach bar calypso

Meridian Album Cover


Launch Date: 2016

Named after the road near which it was discovered, and also inspired by the idea that the flavors Meridian imparts—from spearmint and boysenberry to Meyer lemon and pineapple—represent many points along a meridian of longitude.

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Soundtrack vibes:bright, jazzy sweetness

Strata Album


Launch Date: 2016

Named for the many layers of flavor that this hop imparts in beer, Strata can fill out a double IPA all by itself, yet is smooth and elegant enough to contribute delicate versions of its catchy flavors in lower-gravity beer.

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Soundtrack vibes:smooth, deep blues

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