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Wye College, England

US Tettnanger


A lovely blend of mixed herbs and flowers with a tinge of spice, this Old English variety got caught up in an identity crisis and when grown in the US is often referred to as the German landrace variety Tettnanger. More on that in the hop stats and origins section. 

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Endless possibilities. Here are a few that are tried and true.

Flavor Tip: Helles / Pils / Kölsch

Believe it or don’t, but this Old English hop is an all-star in Helles/Pils/Kolsch/Pre-Prohibition type lager beers. In fact, this is what led to the identity crisis and sent US Tettnanger masquerading as a German. Bottom line is, US Tettnanger makes a beautiful lager with its clean and classy mix of herbs, flowers and spice.

Flavor Tip: Pale Ale

There will always be a place for classic English Pale Ales, and US Tettnanger will take you there nicely. The floral/herbal combo and mild spice interact well with the robust malt bill and carry through a truly lovely hop character that does just a little bit more than balance the malt.

Flavor Tip: Blonde / Summer Wheat Ale

The same characteristics that make US Tettnanger shine in a crisp lager will make your “summer crusher” ales a hit as well. There’s a lot to be said for hops that don’t get in the way of a basic grain profile, but still add the seductive pull of hops in the finish.

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Pellet Packs
Type 90 Pellets
5 kg /11 lbs ; 10 kg /22 lbs ; and 20 kg /44 lbs
Nitrogen flushed vacuum-sealed foils
Whole Cone Hops
Full 200 lb bales (synthetic woven covers)
50 lb - ¼ bales in nitrogen flushed vacuum-sealed foils
12 lb - Mini bales in nitrogen flushed vacuum-sealed foils


Alpha Acid
4 - 5%
Beta Acid
2 - 3%
Total Oil


US Tettnanger

A misnomer in the USA, what is generally grown and sold as US Tettnang is not a true Tettnanger at all, but rather the Old English hop Fuggle. Goes way back we’re told… can’t fit the whole story here… but since brewers know this hop as “US Tettnang”… we list it as such!

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Spot Ordering vs Contract

From an agricultural standpoint, forward contracts are critical for stabilizing crops. It takes two to three years for a new hop field to mature and produce consistent quality. For brewers, contracting hops is the best way to secure supply and ensure quality via post-harvest selection. But you’re obligated to the hops, and it’s difficult to predict your future ingredient needs in a changing marketplace.

Each brewery must determine how to manage their future supply risks based on their evolving business. We’re happy to be a resource in this area and answer your questions based on what we see going on in the hop industry. Our customers play a key role in helping us plan with growers to ensure consistent hop quality and supply.

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“It has an attractive balance of herbal grassiness, spiciness, and lemon notes that integrate easily into the beer.”

Brewer Spotlight

Alex Ganum

“We use US Tettnanger in our Engelberg Pilsner, both in pellet and leaf form, and love the overall character. It has been a joy to model our flagship lager around this variety that we source from Indie Hops,” states Alex Ganum, Founder & Head Brewer at Upright Brewing