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A collection of expertise

Flavors are embedded in each hop variety’s DNA. We start there, looking for exceptional versions, then focus on consistent expression of the magic. Plant breeders, sensory experts, hop growers, propagators, brewers and processors apply their expertise every year. We call these collective efforts the Indie Hops Flavor Project.

Craft beer hops crafted here

Flavorful beer results from craftsmanship and quality ingredients. As hop developers and suppliers, we craft hops to help brewers captivate beer lovers.

Each seed carries the potential for greatness. Thousands begin the race, yet only a handful are advanced each year. Which experimental hop is unique enough to excite beer lovers and meet the rigors of commercial hop growing?

A new hop is born.

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A new hop is born.

Watch the Film


Flavor in the fields

Hop is a specialty crop requiring constant attention and care. Hop growers bring their multi-generational expertise and competitive spirit to meet the annual challenges of delivering great hops. We bring our own passion, sensory and market expertise; and our combined efforts with outstanding growers is foundational in the pursuit of great hop character.

Controlling the quality of our hops has been central since day one, that’s why we built the first hop pellet mill in Oregon.

Mill Spotlight

Capturing Flavor

Controlling the quality of our hops has been central since day one. That’s why we built the first hop pellet mill in Oregon, and designed it with the same innovative and independent mindset of the craft industry we set out to supply.


Distribution Partners

Craft brewing has blossomed in many markets around our planet. It’s a beautiful thing—more communities with their own local breweries and fresh beer brewed by their neighbors!

When we started launching new hop varieties of our own, we were excited to spread the hoppy goodness around the globe! So we began developing relationships with hop suppliers that place a high priority on ensuring that our hops reach brewers in optimum condition.

These suppliers are experts in their local markets with a focus on bringing quality hops to their region and on providing visibility of where the hops come from. We work closely with each one to ensure a consistent supply of luscious Indie Hops pellets.

In the USA, we even began establishing agreements with some of our competitors—they are friends too!—in order to better supply this diverse market.

All of our distribution partners are a joy to work with, and we consider them an extension of our own efforts to deliver flavorful hops. We’re happy to have teamed up with them to bring more quality hop options to brewers around the world.