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The ten year “overnight” success of a new hop

(Portland, Oregon, USA) – Indie Hops, an Oregon-based hop developer and supplier, is releasing a new documentary on the fall equinox, 2021 (Pacific Time).  This film tells the story of developing new hops, from generating the new seed through the sipping of beer that bursts of new hop flavors.

As a craft beer lover, have you ever wondered how new hop varieties that tantalize your senses came to be in the beer you’re drinking?  Does the hop have a story?  Hops have become one of the primary drivers of craft beer popularity.  There’s just something about hop flavor and aroma that fascinates people, and hops express flavors in beer so beautifully and uniquely that people have started seeking out beers brewed with their favorite hop variety.

But successfully capturing the approval of beer lovers isn’t enough to make a hop successful.  What if the hop is a disease magnet requiring excessive applications of chemicals to keep the plants growing?  What if the hop cones cannot be separated easily from stems in the picking process?

Indie Hops teamed up with filmmaker Jeffrey Tan and a host of people that were part of this story along the way, to provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the challenges new hops must overcome, and the people who apply their skills and passion along the way.

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Indie Hops is an Oregon-based hop developer and supplier to the craft beer market.  Founded in 2009, we have launched three new hop varieties with a focus on quality, consistency and long-term stability.  Our aim is to arm brewers with captivating new hop flavors.  Craft beer hops crafted here.

Anca Solberg
Marketing & Communications