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The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! Freshly harvested hops will soon fill the valley with hoppy goodness, and more importantly, YOUR brewhouse… and finally pint glasses for all the fresh hop enthusiasts. It’s crazy, it’s fun, it’s a pain, it’s a privilege!

Brewing with fresh hops requires a bit of planning AND flexibility. Because fresh hops degrade quickly, it’s important to brew with them before they begin to compost. That’s why we encourage farm pick-ups for those that are within driving distance, and why we only ship fresh hops to markets that have direct air cargo flights that ensure our hops reach the end destination still COOL and FRESH to be brewed with that same day.

Please note that hops are an agricultural product, and that the approximate harvest dates that we have listed below will MOST LIKELY CHANGE! Various factors (weather, equipment, how quickly or slowly other varieties are harvested, etc) impact harvest dates, so please plan some flexibility into your brew schedule. We will email updated harvest windows as they are determined. And one day prior to pick-up, we will send updates via text and email.

This year’s fresh hop offerings are listed below.

1. FARM PICK-UP of fresh Indie Hops varieties — Strata, Audacia, Meridian, Lórien and Luminosa.

A quick note: many of you aren’t yet familiar with Audacia. This is the first year that we’ll be offering our newest release as a fresh hop! Audacia is a versatile hop that will punch flavors of juicy berries and lilac/rose floral into beers, both hop-driven beers as well as lagers. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this hop. We’d love to help you plan your fresh hop brew!

Approximate harvest dates are:

Lórien- August 21
Strata- August 22-30
Audacia- September 1
Meridian- September 1
Luminosa- September 2

2. FARM PICK-UP of fresh Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Crystal, US Fuggle, Liberty, Mt. Hood, Sterling, US Tettnang and Willamette.

We’re happy to help you get set up directly with a farm for these varieties. Once you’re set up, you can communicate with the farm(s) for harvest dates and purchase from the farm upon pick-up. Please contact Matt if you’re interested in these public varieties.

Rough timing for these varieties is:

US Fuggle/Tettnang- August 15
Centennial- August 20
Willamette- August 29
Chinook- August 31
Sterling- September 2
Cascade- September 4
Mt. Hood- September 7
Liberty- September 12
Crystal- September 14

3. SAME-DAY AIR CARGO of fresh Strata.

We’re offering this option to contract customers in the following markets: Sacramento, Bay Area (Oakland), Orange County, San Diego and Denver. We pack these hops at 4AM when they’re nice and cool, then hustle them to the Portland airport to catch direct morning flights to these locations where customers are anxiously waiting for pick-up at the destination airport. These hops arrive still cool, and are whisked away to brewhouses for brewing that same day the hops were harvested. Please fill out the order form below to get on the list, and we’ll confirm the contact person for hop delivery in your market.

Dates for this program will be August 22-24 this year.