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Magical, exhilarating, and festive—Lórien is our third commercial hop launch. The second—Strata—was destined for a lead role in IPAs and DIPAs. Lórien is destined for lead roles as well, but at the opposite end of the hop and beer spectrum. Tangy fresh fruit and the feeling of a summer meadow near a cold mountain stream, Lórien is conducive to celebration and appetite. Low alpha and squeaky clean, leave the taps open and let ‘er flow!

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95% of our hops are certified Salmon-Safe, reducing watershed impacts and protecting our wildlife.

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Endless possibilities. Here are a few that are tried and true.

Flavor Tip: West Coast IPA

Wouldn’t you know it… we developed Lórien as a New World craft lager hop and customers are already putting it into their IPAs. And they are hitting repeat because because customers love the beers! Lórien does weigh in with a respectable dose of hop oil (around 2.0ml/100g), and tangy mixed citrus with fresh melon, wildflowers and cinnamon spice… what hophead wouldn’t like that?

Flavor Tip: Helles / Pils / Kölsch

Lórien has advanced through our hop development process with crisp, refreshing low-gravity beer in mind. This hop has a unique ability to let the tasty malt platform shine, and then contributes an addictive lemon/lime zest, fresh melon, sweet hay and wildflowers—all capped by cinnamon spice that cleanses your palate and hurries you back for more.

Flavor Tip: Farmhouse / Saison

We were stuck with lager beer on the brain while evaluating this new genotype, but skilled brewers have already shown us that Lórien is just as magical in the Saison/Farmhouse realm. The fresh, clean fruity/floral combo and dry cinnamon spice finish embrace the Belgian yeast flavors.

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Fresh flavor for your brew!

Pellet Packs
Type 90 Pellets
5 kg /11 lbs ; 10 kg /22 lbs ; and 20 kg /44 lbs
Nitrogen flushed vacuum-sealed foils
Whole Cone Hops
Full 200 lb bales (synthetic woven covers)
50 lb – ¼ bales in nitrogen flushed vacuum-sealed foils
12 lb – Mini bales in nitrogen flushed vacuum-sealed foils


Alpha Acid
Beta Acid
Total Oil
1.8-2.2 ml/100gr
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Our third hop release (2021), the seed was gathered in 2010 from a cross designed by Shaun Townsend at Oregon State University where he manages the breeding portion of the Indie Hops Flavor Project. A Sterling female pollinated with a German male, Lórien brings a classy combination of Old World and New to craft brewers worldwide.

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SEED TO SIP: A new hop is born

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This is the story of Strata. Watch the short film to learn how we made this ten year “overnight” success happen.
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Spot Ordering vs Contract

From an agricultural standpoint, forward contracts are critical for stabilizing crops. It takes two to three years for a new hop field to mature and produce consistent quality. For brewers, contracting hops is the best way to secure supply and ensure quality via post-harvest selection. But you’re obligated to the hops, and it’s difficult to predict your future ingredient needs in a changing marketplace.

Each brewery must determine how to manage their future supply risks based on their evolving business. We’re happy to be a resource in this area and answer your questions based on what we see going on in the hop industry. Our customers play a key role in helping us plan with growers to ensure consistent hop quality and supply.

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“Lórien presented with the refined pleasantness of a noble variety with a modern flare.”
Amalgam Brewers
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Brewer Spotlight

Phil Joyce & Eric Schmidt

Beer can be many things. For Eric Schmidt and Phil Joyce, it’s primarily an art form — “our canvas is high quality beer that we’re excited to drink and share with our community.” The two met at Powder Keg Brewing and decided to join forces in 2017 to start Amalgam as a creative outlet.