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New from Indie Hops, Lórien® brings hop magic to low-gravity beers

(Portland, Oregon, USA) – Magical, exhilarating and festive, Lórien is the third new cultivar to be commercially launched from the Indie Hops Flavor Project. Tangy fresh fruit and the feeling of a summer meadow near a cold mountain stream, Lórien is conducive to celebration and appetite. Tolkien’s mythical land of the elves feels just a little closer to reality.

Although craft brewers are sure to surprise us with creative ways to utilize this new hop, Lórien has advanced through our hop development process with crisp, refreshing low-gravity beer in mind. This hop has a unique ability to let the tasty malt platform shine, yet contributes an addictive finish of citrus zest, fresh melon, sweet hay and wildflowers, all capped by a cinnamon spice that cleanses your palate and lures you back for more.

Global brewing is well served with classic lager hops such as Hallertauer m.f., Hersbrucker, and Czech Saaz. Lórien expands on these hops, bringing more fruit and floral character while dialing back a bit on the grassy/spicy character of the classics. In addition, Lórien combines nicely with other hops, providing brewers with more options for refreshing, lower alcohol offerings.

It’s clear that there’s a growing market for low-alcohol, low-calorie carbonated beverages that deliver flavor without bitterness. We’ve felt for a long time that there’s an opportunity to reach this market with the alluring flavors of hops, but that it will require a new type of hop. One with the rare ability to bring low-gravity beer alive with modern hop flavors, but not completely take over a beer or have a cloying effect on the palate.

Meet Lórien. Traditionalists and hop heads alike will enjoy her merits, and these merits combine to help welcome new consumers into the craft community.



Indie Hops is an Oregon-based hop developer and supplier to the craft beer market. Founded in 2009, we have launched three new hop varieties with a focus on quality, consistency and long-term stability.  Our aim is to arm brewers with captivating new hop flavors.  Craft beer hops crafted here.

Anca Solberg
Marketing & Communications