Recent Ramblings in the Hopyard
  The Secret (Double) Life of X-331 (November 7, 2016) click here
On an unassuming 10-acre test parcel at Goschie Farms, a Willamette Valley hop farm for more than 100 years, X-331 brought all of her breeding to the fore, kicking off a rare tropical scent while exceeding her investors’ expectations in this first harvest.
  Tour de Indie Hops 2015 (September 17, 2015) click here
Check out the Indie Hops pot at the end of the Oregon rainbow. This is where the hops are grown, plucked and pelleted. From Goschie Farms in Silverton to Indie Hops in Hubbard, 5 miles down the road. If you ain't hoppin, you ain't poppin!
  A Good Day for Oregon (January 5, 2015) - click here
  Japan Discovers Indie Hops…Translation in Process! (June 15, 2014) - click here
  ProtoHop BrewFest at Portland's Basecamp Brewing Providing a Taste of Experimental OSU/Indie Hops (July 12, 2014) - click here
  Clackamas County Features Breakside Brewing, Indie Hops, and JV Northwest in Industry Video (March 2014) - click here!

Indie Hops supplies Oregon-grown aroma hops to craft brewers. The Willamette Valley's rich alluvial soils, long summer days, family operated century farms, and pioneering spirit all combine to create the environment where world-class aroma hops thrive, in a culture that naturally supports craft brewing.

We have invested in the necessary infrastructure and partnered with leading farms to provide 100% Oregon-grown aroma varieties, some familiar and some unique, to craft brewers. Our intent is to earn the honor of being the preferred aroma hop resource for brewers across North America. Please join us in the pursuit of aroma varieties that inspire brewmasters to create sensational beer for all to enjoy.

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