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Bintani — exclusive distributor of Indie varieties in Australia & New Zealand

Early in April, 2019, we found ourselves at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, Colorado enjoying the excitement our new hop variety Strata was generating.  Having just launched Strata commercially from the 2018 harvest, USA breweries had already sniffed out the hop’s potential. Amongst these early adopters looking for Strata came Peter, Phil and Dale Meddings of Bintani. Ears to the ground, noses primed, they were on the hunt for brewing ingredients that would benefit the surging craft beer markets in Australia and New Zealand.

Indie Hops was looking for distributors in craft beer markets outside of the USA. Distributors who would view a new hop like Strata as a strategic variety that would challenge existing standouts like Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic and Simcoe. Turns out our companies could help each other.  Now, Bintani supplies Indie Hops Strata in their markets, along with other Indie varieties that deliver unique and exciting flavors to beer. Together, we’re spreading hoppy goodness around the globe.

Oregon grown.

Discover the difference.

In addition to supplying Indie Hops varieties, Bintani sources classic public hop varieties that thrive in Oregon’s unique terroir.  Like your favorite Levis or Converse, these old-school hops never go out of style and continue to withstand the test of time for a reason. From the rounded, juicy version of Chinook to the grapefruit, lemon/citrus-with-a-rhubarb-twang flavors found in our Oregon-grown Crystal, these highly desirable traits are specific to the Oregon terroir where the hops are grown. The result is noticeably different.

"Strata adds a sort of soft intensity and depth to a hop bill when you have it in the right spot in the right beer."

Brewer Spotlight

Scotty Hargrave

Most people wouldn’t think to draw a correlation between laying concrete and brewing beer, but after chatting with Scotty Hargrave — former concreter turned head brewer and one of the original founders of Balter Brewing — we’re convinced there are actually quite a few similarities.


Australia’s premier supplier of brewing and distilling ingredients

Bintani began in 1995, supplying yeast to a handful of brewers from a backyard shed in Melbourne. Today, they are Australia’s premier supplier of brewing and distilling ingredients, and that backyard shed has been replaced by a state-of-the-art warehouse near Moorabbin Airport. They now have four warehouses in Australia and two in New Zealand, ensuring that Indie Hops will reach your brewhouse in optimum condition!

Bintani has an unwavering commitment to innovate and improve their offerings with cutting edge new hop varieties like Strata, Lórien, Luminosa and Meridian. As beverage enthusiasts, the are continually inspired by brewers’ creativity and passion as they strive to find the world’s best ingredients.


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